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Everyone seems to be into these hiking craze lately, and they should be! You not only get to keep fit, you also get to catch the best views of the beautiful Kota Kinabalu. These 4 hills are a few popular hiking spots that you would not want to miss, be it to get into shape or simply to catch a view of the amazing sunrise or sunset.

Kopungit Hill

Kopungit Hill, or known as ‘Nulu Kuminaus’ which means Sulky Hill is a 2 kilometer hike from the starting point to the top. From the peak you’d be able to enjoy the view of Kota Kinabalu International Airport where you would probably be able to witness the arrival and departing of a plane and also the suburban town of Kepayan.

What makes this trail so significant is that there is a small cave which was left during the Japan war, probably a place where they would seek shelter. Rock climbing can also be done at the hill as there is cliff rocks.

Kopungit Hill is located at Jalan Penampang Baru just after Golden Hill residence and opposite Shan Tao secondary school which is approximately 5km away from town.

Tirig Hill

If you’re looking for an easy-going trail, or happen to be a beginner; Tirig Hill is the best place to hike. It is less challenging than all the other hills and yet you would still be awarded with one of the best views. There are crosses along the trail since it’s also use for the Way of the Cross for the nearby Catholic Church, St Flora. From the peak you would be able to see the Mengkabung bridge from the distance and vast greenery hills of Kota Kinabalu. The trail is less than 500 meters and it would take about 15 minutes to get to the peak from the starting point.

Tirig Hill is located at Kampung Lapasan, Malawa Sulaman which is 24 kilometers away from Kota Kinbalu city.

Ruhiang Hill

Ruhiang hill, mostly known as Bukit Perahu on the other hand is slightly bit more challenging compared to the the other hills. Bukit Perahu got its name as they say that there are rocks that resembles as a vessel on the hill. This hill has the highest point in the area with a height of 300 meters above sea level. The 800 meters trail could take up from 15-35 minutes depending on your fitness level.

Some section of the trail is a little steep, so watch out for slippery soil especially after the rain. This hill is also used for Way of Cross and you’ll be able to see 14 cross along your trail, which is used as a checkpoint.

Ruhiang Hill is initially known for the place to go for paragliding and now is famous for people to go for its breathtaking view. Ruhiang Hill has one of the most spectacular view of Mount Kinabalu, either its during sunrise, sunset or in the afternoon, the view of Mount Kinabalu is awe-inspiring.

The hill is located in Tamparuli near the police station, 30 kilometeres away from Kota Kinabalu city. The starting point has a sign that says “St. Veronica’s Hill” and you may park near the roadside.

Bukit Padang Kota Kinabalu

If you’re a true KK-ian you would know that Bukit Padang hiking trail is one of the pioneers of hill where people would go to hike. Whenever someone says they signed up to go Mount Kinabalu and needs to train, Bukit Padang is the place suggested.

At the peak you’d be able to see a panoramic view of Kota Kinabalu city and the suburbs as well as Manukan Island and Sapi Island. The distance is about 1 kilometers and it would take you about 15-25 minutes to get to the peak. Some of the stairs going up the trail is constructed using used car tyres and glass bottles. Located just 6 kilometers away from Kota Kinabalu city, this hill is at Taman Tun Fuad Stephen Recreational Park where you can go for jogging as well.

All this 4 hills share 1 thing in common, is that all of them have unforgettable and picturesque view of the sunrise AND sunset. All of them give you a different experience and feeling is just priceless. The aching sores you would feel after each hike is guaranteed worth it.

Last reviewed: September 20, 2018