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Apart from the free walking tours, the public can also opt for a self-guided tour where they can walk around the city themselves without any guide, accompanied only with the aid of a trail map. There are two self-guided tours currently available in Sabah; the Sandakan Heritage Trail and the Bin Art Trail Kota Kinabalu.

Sandakan Heritage Trail

Discover the historical sites of Sandakan in a one-hour long walk covering the 100+ year old mosque Masjid Jamik, the William Pryer Monument (the first colonial resident of Sandakan), the famous Agnes Keith’s house (an American author of the Land Below the Wind), to  the stairs with 100 steps, and more ancient places. These heritage sites will surely charm you with their past histories.

Click here to see the Sandakan map in higher resolution.

Bin Art Trail Kota Kinabalu

Get inspired as you discover the artistic side of Kota Kinabalu as you embark on a mural street art search all over KK, drawn by Sabahan artists. In October 2018, Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu (KK City Hall) initiated painting of murals on public bins and toilets all over town, in collaborations with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia. This positive approach produced Insta-worthy spots. The Bin Art Trail covers location starting from the city hall up to Tanjung Lipat, where there are 15 mural spots covered.

Click here to see Bin Art Trail Kota Kinabalu map in higher resolution.

Last reviewed: September 12, 2019