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Standing at 4,220 metres above sea level, Mount Kinabalu is, indeed, a sight to behold. It was an entirely different world up there but somehow, the air of unfamiliarity had an inexplicable beauty. At 3,220 metres, as the sun began to set, Laban Rata soon began to tell a different story.

As night time falls and the stars begin to glow in the skies, stargazing at 3,220 metres above sea level never looked better. As one takes in an early night rest, the thought about finally climbing Mount Kinabalu’s peak gets more and more exciting, despite the fear felt in some.

The journey ahead starts and sunrise begins to peek through, a sense of push and motivation to keep you going forward. How much longer is the journey towards the peak? The story continues at Jeevita’s page.

Starry starry night
Starry starry night

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