The green scenery will quickly give you the feeling of visiting village and will make you anticipate the journey you are about to have.

A great place to visit if you’re interested in experiencing Borneo’s rich cultural heritage. One of the largest cultural villages in Sabah, Borneo Cultural Village boasts of its traditional architecture with 7 different ethnic houses built by the descendants of each tribe, including Kadazan Penampang House, Murut House, Tidung House, Bajau House, Dusun Papar House , Brunei house and Chinese house Participate in the ethnic rituals and daily routines of your community, such as rice wine making, traditional cooking classes, bamboo firestarting, traditional games, henna tattoos, and more. Participate in both traditional performance and dances as well as enjoy local cuisine while you are here.


  • Murut House – blow pipe
  • Tidung House start fire with just bamboo.
  • Bajau House – playing musical instrument
  • And many more

Basic Facilities:

  • Toilets
  • Restaurant
  • Performance stage (able to cater 1000pax)

Further Contact

Borneo Wildlife S/B

Last reviewed: June 2, 2022
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