Sit and relax inside the gigantic man-made bird’s nest overlooking the lush green meandering hills to rejuvenate. A worthy view after a hike to the peak of Matanoi Hill

Matanoi Hill is one of the hikers spots in Keningau where visitors will find the famous Sarang Burong Bukit Matanoi or Matanoi Hill Bird’s Nest. There are other attractions such as the Love Arch (giant heart arch), Giant Straw Hat, Platform View and many more constructed on top of the hill thus makes a great photo opportunity.

The starting point takes about 1 hour 20 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu or 25 minutes drive from Keningau town to Kampung Matanoi. Here, visitors can choose to follow either of the 3 trails available. Each trail offers a unique challenge from relax to slightly demanding climb.

Entrance fee is applicable.


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Last reviewed: April 1, 2021