Bored with the routine of comfort living? Sign up for Miki Survival Camp and let nature propel your survival skills to the next level.

The hilly terrain leading to Miki Survival Camp is scattered with rocks, muck, and the occasional resident leeches. You will need a pair of leech socks and hardy hiking boots to brave this wild adventure.

The two-hour hike will provide ample opportunities to marvel at the beauty of untouched nature—complete with the soothing symphony of chirping birds and insects.

Upon reaching the camp, you will be served with delicious homemade food local style.  After dinner, get your torch light and camera ready for a night tour where you’re bound to see nocturnal creatures such as some species of frogs and insects, as well as things that are only visible in the dark like the luminous fungi and fireflies.

Before leaving, your guide will give demonstrations on how to use and make animal traps and household utensils from bamboos.

Further Contact

Mr Sadib Miki (Owner of Miki Survival Camp)

  • +60 13 874 2147
Last reviewed: November 1, 2018