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The Murut Cultural Centre is situated in Kampung Pulong, about 10 kilometers away from Tenom town. The location of this cultural centre is conspicuously located just by the roadside, on the left hand side of the road if you’re heading from the direction of KK.

The centre covers an area of 33 acres and lies next to the Pegalan River. The humongous building of the Murut Cultural Centre alone stretches out to 20 acres large. The cultural centre houses an interesting gallery which displays many artifacts such as jars, gongs, and traditional designs of the indigenous Murut inhabitants.

The impressive buildings of the Murut Cultural Centre are mainly constructed out of local timber. The gigantic pillars epitomize elements of Murut architectures. Chiseled carvings on the pillars and the buildings’ interior panels offer a glimpse of the authentic Murut architecture.

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Last reviewed: August 17, 2018