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The Sabah Agriculture Park (Taman Pertanian Sabah) is situated on a 200 hectare site and was developed and maintained by the Agriculture Department. It is a park that offers visitors both recreational and educational activities.

There are :
Native Orchids –  There are at least 400 species with more than 1,500 collection being kept here, including many rare and endangered species such as the Elephant Ear orchid, the Rat-tail orchid  and also not forgetting the many species of Slipper orchids many of which endemic to Borneo.
Crops Museum – This is an 8-acre living museum of Crop Plants where there are some 400 species of plants systematically planted according to their uses.
Ornamental Garden – The Ornamental Garden comprises 21 distinct and well-landscaped gardens with each garden exhibiting its unique plants and flowers.
Plant Evolution & Plant Adaptation Garden –  Get to see how plants adapt to the environments, from pond-life to semi-arid habitats. You will also get to see the amazing giant water lily from South America.
Model Garden – This garden has five smaller theme gardens to illustrate the different styles in which a garden can be modeled.
Bee Centre and Museum – Sabah is home to five of the nine species of honey bees found in the world. The Bee Centre and Museum is a place where you can find them.
Animal Park – The Animal Park is likened to a mini zoo and various animals and birds are put on display.

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Contact Telephone: +6088-258529 ( Pn.Wan Masamah Wan Abedin) / 
+6087-737952, +6087-737558 (En. Vermol Thomblon)

When in Tenom... Get to know the Murut culture and traditions at the Murut Cultural Centre (Tel: +60 87-302421) and for the adventurous, white water rafting at Padas River (contact your tour operator for further details) is a must.

Last reviewed: November 1, 2018