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Nasi ayam (chicken rice) is originally a Chinese dish that consists of specially cooked rice teamed together with chicken (thinly sliced) in dark soya sauce and oyster sauce gravy usually accompanied by cucumber slices.

Chicken rice is available in most coffee shops; especially Chinese and Malay ones, roadside stalls, and even chain restaurants. Most chicken rice vendors offer two options of either roasted or steamed chicken. Other variations may include a BBQ version or a honey-roasted one. The rice served with the chicken is a flavorful one which is cooked using chicken broth. This rice, sometimes also known as “oily rice” has a rich, oily texture.

Nasi ayam kuning
Nasi ayam kuning

In some restaurants, the cooks may add coconut milk to the rice, reminiscent to nasi lemak which is another local favourite. Go to a Chinese or Malay coffee shop today and order for yourself a scrumptious plate of nasi ayam.

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