A Look Inside Sabah’s First Creative Design Hotel

In every space you visit, you will instantly notice that the design ethos of this first-of-its-kind creative design hotel in Sabah is centred on both elegance and sustainability.

The LUMA Hotel made its debut in January 2022 and is poised to impress guests with its avant-garde concept, incorporating distinct elements of Sabah culture and nature into its design.


The name comes from a Bajau word that means “home.” A conceptualisation put forward to make The LUMA Hotel feels like a home away from home, bringing guests warmth and relaxation on a whole new level while being reasonably priced. 

What more could we want from a place to rest our weary heads after a long flight or day out, right?

Every design and piece of furniture in the hotel has a backstory. Everything from the entryway arch to the artificial hanging plants and lobby’s mosaic pathway, to the spiral staircase and woodcraft. 

Imagine yourself walking through Sabah’s hidden rainforest and down a tranquil river that leads to a cascading waterfall as you enter the hotel. Isn’t it intriguing? If you ask a hotel employee, they will gladly guide you through each design feature in greater detail, including the colour palette used in the exterior and interior designs to showcase LUMA’s theme.

At LUMA, you can also host a private business conference in the hotel’s tree house-themed meeting space.



The LUMA Hotel is an excellent choice for eco-conscious travellers looking for sustainable accommodations and amenities.

With its philosophy firmly in place, the hotel management attempts to keep the environmental footprint to a minimum by carefully selecting and arranging furnishings, particularly in rooms.

Guest rooms have trash bins made out of straws to cut down on the use of plastic. Gargle cups in the bathroom are made from waste coffee grounds and are entirely biodegradable. Bamboo toothbrushes are also provided in every room. Shower gel dispensers are also used instead of single-use soap packets.

Coffee and tea amenities have been localized as well with collaborations with Crack Inc Coffee and Sabah Tea. The terracotta mugs were also a well thought item to the room. We were told that terracotta mugs have good insulation hence keeping drinks warmer for longer periods. 


Patrons will also find headboards inspired by Sabah’s most popular indigenous woven mat made of screw pine in each bedroom.

The fact that The LUMA Hotel collaborates with local resin artist Anastasia Agusto, whose artwork is inspired by the sea and beaches of Sabah, to develop soap dishes for their collection is also noteworthy.



The mosaic pathway in the hotel lobby depicts a flowing river that leads to the Flow Coffee house on the opposite side of the room.


Have a cup of Joe in mind and are looking for a new place to hang out? If you’re in the mood for some, Flow Coffee favourites such as the espresso shaken and the espresso orange tonic, stop by this sleek and contemporary location. Enjoy some of the must-have pastries, such as croissants, Paris-Brest, and Sabah chocolate tart, while you’re at it.

To satisfy your hunger and happy hour, take the spiral staircase in the foyer up to JOJO Gastrobar … or the “peak of Mount Kinabalu,” as hotel employees put it, referring to the modern mountain-shaped lamps that illuminate over the bar area.


JOJO serves Japanese-Western fusion cuisine. They are open from 11.30am till late night, with happy hour starting 4pm to 7pm.



The LUMA Hotel is located at the Sutera Avenue Commercial Building, which fronts the Imago Shopping Mall along the coastal highway.

It is about a 10-minute drive from the Kota Kinabalu International Airport and to the heart of Kota Kinabalu city.

The hotel is strategically located close to some of the top attractions in the city and the outskirt.

  • Sembulan Double Six Monument (1.2KM)
  • Sabah State Museum (2.5KM)
  • Sabah Art Gallery (3.7KM)
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (3.1KM to Jesselton Point Jetty)
  • Sabah International Convention Centre (4.8KM)
  • Mari Mari Cultural Village (18.9KM)
  • Kiulu for Community Based Tourism (46.9KM)
  • Highland Kundasang (98.2KM)
  • Kota Belud for Community Based Tourism (77KM)



The LUMA Hotel

ADDRESS Sutera Avenue, Jalan Sembulan, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
PHONE +60(88) 286 900
EMAIL info@thekumahotel.com
WEBSITE https://thelumahotel.com

Last reviewed: May 18, 2022

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