Birding : Kinabalu National Park & Kota Kinabalu

Despite having been to Kinabalu National Park twice already, I was still missing the Whitehead’s Trogon, one of the most sought after bird within the ‘whitehead’s trio’. My parents and I decided to go on a short trip together, initially we planned on heading to Okinawa, but since my dad have yet to see any of the montane endemics of Borneo, a trip to Mount Kinabalu seemed more attractive and I get another chance to catch up with my nemesis bird!

Are you a birdwatcher? If you’re wondering where to go birding in Sabah, this article by Matthew will surely help you out and give you some insights on what you’ll be expecting when you birdwatch in Sabah Borneo.

Last reviewed: March 13, 2020

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