My First Impression of Sabah, Malaysia

The warmth, the friendliness in her eyes was something to be taken home in heart and not just in the mere click of a camera shutter. Later, as I thanked her, I knew, I was in love again, with her, her people, and the place she was a native of!

Sabah is not only known for its diversified nature, but it is also known for its people. Those visiting Sabah will surely feel the charm and welcoming character of Sabahan people, which will make you feel just like home.

The warmth and open arms of Sabahan people will not only make your experience in Sabah an enjoyable one, but it’ll surely be an unforgettable one for sure.

RS27750_No.1 - © Sabah Tourism_Tsen Lip Kai
Last reviewed: February 17, 2020

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