Ringing in a Unique Chinese New Year in Kuala Penyu

They will burn joss money which is also known as ‘ghost money’. This is a folk belief from China that has been done for centuries as a means to enable their deceased family members to be able to ‘purchase’ necessities in the afterlife.

Kuala Penyu
Kuala Penyu

Among one of the many indigenious tribes of Sabah, the Dusun Tatana is a unique tribe that celebrates Chinese New Year as an annual tradition passed down from generations.

When the Chinese traders arrived in Sabah around 1881, they set port in Kuala Penyu and brought along their culture and religion. Since then, interracial marriages between the Chinese and Dusuns of Kuala Penyu adapted to the Chinese’s traditions and even took up Buddhism as a religion.

Last reviewed: March 4, 2020

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