Agop Batu Tulug is a steep limestone cliff that stands 39 meters high and is part of the 20 to 25 million-year-old Labang limestone formation. The word ‘agop’ in the Orang Sungai language means cave.

Located about 41km from Kota Kinabatangan township, there are four main caves, agop suriba (lower) on the forest floor, agop lintaga (middle), agop sawat (upper) betweeen 12-15m high, and agop dimunduk.

Inside the middle and upper caves are more than a hundred carved wooden coffins dating back 500 to 900 years ago, watched over by bats and swallows. Batu Puteh village can be viewed from here as well.
The coffins resemble different animals associated to the beliefs of the Orang Sungai but it has also been said that they are the coffins of the Chinese who once settled in the area as Chinese artifacts were found among the remains. The hill including the cave has become an important archaeological site in Sabah.

A  Museum site since 1996, it has facilities such as an information center, stairs leading to the caves, toilets and resting huts.

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Last reviewed: August 27, 2021