Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa

Bask in some sun-fun on the beach and have a warm dip in the sparkling azure water. The excellent water visibility also makes it perfect for snorkeling. In the evening, play a game of beach volleyball with other guests or simply lie on your beach towel with a good book. Those seeking for more challenging adventures will have a swell time kayaking, scuba diving and jet skiing.

For some TLC and personal pampering, hike up to Solace Spa and enjoy some serious decompression. If you think a massage on a tropical beach is passé, get novelty-stoked by having your treatment at this jungle-themed spa—the first of its kind in Sabah.

A fabulous place is nothing without fabulous food—and Bunga Raya has it too. The Koi Restaurant is apt for a romantic dinner for two as well as other formal events. Should you prefer a more laid-back and casual dining experience, head to Pantai Grill by the beach and order a plate of finger food with chilled fruit punch or soda. Ultimate bliss!

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Bunga Raya Island Resort Spa

Article last reviewed: March 18, 2021