Buntu Sunset Paradise

Even at the Southern part of the Sabah map, there’s always a location to watch Sabah’s iconic sunset. Apart from the famous Sipitang Esplanade in town, Buntu Sunset Paradise offers beach time to sunset spectators.

Tucked in Kampung Pelakat Skim, Sipitang is a hidden sunset paradise.  A place to relax and unwind in a non-crowded beach as compared to the other renowned beaches in Kota Kinabalu. The community in this village has beautified and set up the place to be visitors-friendly and open it to the public during Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. It is most visited by day-trippers during the weekend.

For a more enriching experience, homestay is available where one can  ‘go native’ and enjoy the locals’ lifestyle. Take part in traditional activities, learn to cook and dance like the locals.  Buntu Sunset Paradise makes a great educational tour option for students too.

The warm hospitality combined with the beauty of nature will charm any visitors that look forward to the rustic serenity.



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Eryan Fadlin

Last reviewed: April 28, 2021

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