Gaya Street ( Sunday Market )

Originally named Bond Street, Gaya Street located in the Kota Kinabalu Central Business District has been the centre of business for over a hundred years. The wooden shops with nipah roofs are long gone but here is where generations-old family businesses are still thriving passed down from father to son.

Gaya Street

Every Sunday morning, the whole stretch of Gaya Street is closed off to traffic to make way for the street fair. A must visit market while in KK, you will be fascinated by the various items and goods sold at this fair. From arts and crafts, batik sarongs, footwear, fruits and flowers, local snacks and cakes, antiques and souvenirs, to even pets and herbs, this is the best place to experience the culture and lifestyle of the locals. The street fair starts as early as 6.00am and ends at 1.00pm.

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Article last reviewed: March 12, 2021

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