Homestay Kampung Suasa under the cohesive community of Koperasi Bersatu Kampung Suasa Beaufort Berhad (KOBESA) is offering a range of homestay activities and promotes agritourism.

Head to the South West of Beaufort iconic township and experience the beauty of the countryside lifestyle at Kampung Suasa,  a place where one can have a good time exploring nature and getting to know the Bisaya culture.

Stay with the host family and sign up for the many activities such as fishing, river cruising, Kulintangan making, traditional activities, buffalo riding and village tour to make your stay more enriching. The KOBESA community is also conducting livestock trading activities such as cows, goats and buffaloes to generate cooperative income for Kampung Suasa, Beaufort.

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Further Contact

Desa Lestari Kampung Suasa,
470, 89808 Beaufort,Sabah.

Haji Ruslan (013-8656022)
Bibiyani (011-33832982)

Last reviewed: April 16, 2021