Thrill seekers, seek no further. If you are in need for an adventure deep into the rainforest of Borneo, Imbak Canyon is where you ought to be.

Imbak Canyon Waterfall
Imbak Canyon Waterfall

Imbak Canyon Conservation Area is a 30,000 ha forest reserve located in the heart of Borneo. Rich in biodiversity it has since become a hub for researchers. With a land area that great and with a 100 million old forest, the discoveries are endless.

Go big or go home they say. At Imbak especially, everything comes in huge packages. Imbak falls, the waterfall formation is 30m wide! And the famous Big Belian tree that stands at 250 feet tall and is 1000 years old.

Sabah Belian Tree
Sabah Belian Tree

Other activities to be done here are : jungle trekking, bird watching, nature photography and camping. Highly recommended for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Visitors who are keen to visit MUST obtain permission from in advance from Yayasan Sabah. 

Further Contact

Imbak Canyon Conservation Area
Conservation and Environmental Management Division
c/o Rakyat Berjaya Sdn. Bhd.
Jalan Sekolah Cheng Min
P.O. Box 1437, 90715 Sandakan

Last reviewed: March 12, 2021