Kawang Forest Centre

Adventurous nature lovers will truly appreciate a jungle trekking expedition in the Kawang Forest Centre. Thinking of roughing it for a night? The Kawang Forest Centre makes an excellent spot for camping and other recreational activities. Those who are neither afraid of the dark nor repelled by bad smell should also explore the bat cave for more thrills and spills.

The Kawang Forest Reserve is equipped with facilities such as an information centre, changing room, toilet, 10 units of camping site, and 3 units of chalet.

A visit to the Kawang Forest Centre guarantees heaps of fun and provides quintessential nature education for the urban dwellers.

Product Contact

Kimanis Forest Complex,
KM 61, Lebuhraya Kota Kinabalu,
Beg Berkunci No. 689600.
Papar, Sabah

  • +60 88 915 626
  • +60 88 913 995
  • +60 88 913 953
Article last reviewed: March 12, 2021

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