Long Pasia is a small Lundayeh village, a dwelling lush with an array of plants found nowhere else but here.

Besides rewarding its visitors with treasures of nature, Long Pasia is where you can find adventure and experience culture. Remnants left behind by the ancestral Lundayeh Upai Semaring adds mysticism and legend to Long Pa Sia.

Your visit to Long Pasia will never leave you bored. Your native guide, a must on your visit here, will tell you about the plants you encounter. You will also learn about the legend surrounding the evidences, spread across the region, of Upai Semaring’s existence.

There is no resort in Long Pasia. Instead, your experience here is made rich with its home stay programme where you live with a family or host. The rate is about RM35 per person per night, including meals.

Last reviewed: February 12, 2020