Set up in Marais village, the Marais Center is part of the community-based tourism initiative to promote sustainability and improve the livelihood of the community in that area. Visitors will appreciate the sense of belongings to this Murut community and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle.

This little village will charm you with its peaceful nature view. Mountainous background, wide paddy field surrounded by river and creeks, and fresh crisp air. We recommend an overnight stay in their guesthouse to fully enjoy the ‘kampung’ life.


At a minimal cost, spice up your stay by participating in the many activities offered in the neighbourhood. You can choose to cycle around the nourishing paddy field, sign up for trekking or enhance your crafting skills with basket weaving lessons by the community. Other options include rubber tapping, paddy cultivation, lanjung making, fishnet and trap making and more keeping you occupied throughout your stay. Decked in Murut traditional attires, the Marais village community can also perform a special orchestrated Murut traditional dance to give visitors a memorable cultural experience.

With all the exciting activities in store, do not forget to make room to savour their delicious traditional food servings. Cooked with locally sourced ingredients, this will be a perfect opportunity to pick up a recipe or two from the local chef.

*Prior booking is advisable*

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Last reviewed: August 23, 2021