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  • Maranjak Longhouse Homestay
  • Maranjak Longhouse Homestay
  • Maranjak Longhouse Homestay
  • Maranjak Longhouse Homestay

Maranjak Longhouse Homestay

Maranjak Longhouse Homestay is wholly made out of traditional materials such as split bamboos for walls and nipah palm leaves for roofing. The longhouse is fully furnished in traditional style with traditionally-styled dining table, rooms, lightings, as well as in terms of the food that are being served. 

The Maranjak Homestay Longhouse can accommodate an estimated of 30 to 40 people at one time. Besides the truly traditional atmosphere, visitors will also have a wide set of things to do such as fishing in the river, jungle trekking, sightseeing in the herbal botanical garden, crab catching, and monkey watching.

Visitors will also be able to get a taste of seven different local wines which are served at night. Besides the wining experience, visitors will also be entertained with traditional Rungus dance and serenaded by performances of traditional musical instruments after dinner.

Here, visitors too will be able to take a close look at how beaded accessories are made and how intricate Rungus tapestries are woven—all done by women dressed in beautifully ornamental traditional Rungus costumes.

Getting There

The Maranjak Homestay Longhouse is situated approximately 98 kilometers from Kota Kinabalu (2.5 hours away by road).
There are several means of transportations that visitors can choose in order to get to Maranjak Longhouse Homestay; namely buses, taxis and rented cars.

1) Bus ( Direction to Kudat)
    Fare: RM 18.00/ person
    Station: Terminal Bus Jalan Padang
    (Communicate with the bus driver/
     conductor for the drop off point)
    Remarks: 7.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.

2) Taxi
    Fare: Approxiamtely RM 300.00 per taxi
    Station: Taxi stand ( next to Merdeka Field)

3) Car Rental
    Fare : RM 180.00 and aboveone day per car
    Station : Car Rental company/
    hotel lobby for car rental service (self arrange) 

Location Map

Contact Information

Further Information

For bookings and inquiries, please contact the Borneo Rungus Longhouse Resort & Tours

Office +60 88-622 524
Fax +60 88-622 524

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