Located at the roadside of the edge of a forest reserve is the Rafflesia Information Centre. This centre is set aside for the conservation purposes of the remarkable rafflesia flower. The Rafflesia Information Centre is situated about an hour’s drive away from Kota Kinabalu.

The Rafflesia Information Centre is open daily to visitors from 8am to 3pm. Here, visitors can look forward to a jungle trekking adventure to look for the rafflesia flower. It is advisable to wear comfortable trekking shoes in the attempt to trek through the RIC’s challenging terrain.

As mitigation, entering the Forest Reserve (Conservation Rafflesia Plots) after 3:00pm is strictly prohibited. For those who are permitted and still within the area are required to come out of the area at 3:00pm.

Guiding fee:
Less than 1-hour trekking – RM30 per 1 guide for every 5 pax
More than 1-hour trekking – RM50 per 1 guide for every 5 pax

Further Contact

Tambunan Rafflesia Information Centre

  • +60 88 899 589
  • +60 88 899 588
Last reviewed: August 11, 2020