Set up by the Murut Tagol’s community, the close-knit community in this area has formed a tourism committee to establish their village as a destination. Fresh air, cooling weather and serene nature view is something one can expect in Rundum Highlands.

Located about 78 km from Tenom town, expect an adventurous ride uphill with four-wheel drive vehicle to the Rundum Highlands. The place offers a comfortable camping experience with picturesque sunset view. You can have your own do-it-yourself BBQ dinner or enjoy a pre-ordered traditional meal prepared by the community for you. BBQ equipments and usage of kitchen is allowed at a fee.

Visitors can choose to experience horse riding, hiking, heritage trail walk or traditional dance performance at a minimal cost.  Sleeping tents big enough for a family is available but limited. Hence, pre-booking is highly recommended for these arrangements. Don’t forget to pack along a sweater and warm up the night with bonfire as the weather up there can drop up to 12 degrees Celcius especially at night time.

At the moment, there is no public transport connecting to the interior village, however four wheel drive transportation can be pre-arranged with the Rundum Highlands village tourism community.

*Prior booking is advisable*

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Last reviewed: March 12, 2021