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  • Tambunan District
  • Tambunan District
  • Tambunan District
  • Tambunan District

Tambunan District

Tambunan district of Sabah covers an area of 134,540 hectares with a population of 24,000. The rich plain of Tambunan was almost totally isolated from the west coast of Sabah by the knife-edged mountains at the Crocker Range.

Tambunan is easily accessible via Kota Kinabalu, all it takes is about one and a hour’s drive by a sealed road which crosses which crosses the Crocker Range at Sunsuron Pass which 1,649 meters high.

The road leading to Tambunan goes through Penampang before starting to climb the Crocker Range about 18 kilometers outside of Kota Kinabalu.

It is scattered with farming communities who plant hill rice, pineapples, bananas, mushrooms, as well as other vegetables which visitors are able to obtain at roadside stalls. Besides that, wild and cultivated orchids can also be found at the roadside stalls.

Getting There


1) Bus (Bus direction to Tambunan)
    Fare: RM 15.00/ person/way
    Station : Long Distance Bus next to
    Merdeka Field
    Communicate with bus driver / conductor
    for drop off point.
    Remarks: 7.00 am- 5.00 pm (Daily)

2) Taxi
    Fare: RM 100.00/ Taxi
    To be arrange with taxi driver 

Location Map

Contact Information

Majlis Daerah Tambunan
P.O. Box 31

Office +60 87-770 126
Fax +60 87-774 441

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