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For the month of July there are a variety of events you could (or should) attend around Sabah. From a cultural event to an agricultural event to remembering a popular author, Agnes Keith. Here are some of the highlights for some of the districts:

Agnes Keith Day

Born on the 6th of July, Agnes Keith is the renowned American author of ‘Land Below the Wind’. The book chronicles her life in Sandakan between 1934 to 1952. During Agnes Keith Day, visitors are invited to visit her former residence in Sandakan; rebuilt and turned into a museum.

Launching of Magahau Rungus Festival

The Magahau Festival is an annual thanksgiving event showcasing the Rungus culture. During the launch, rituals such as the Mongingivit also known as Mongirik dot todu-odu led by the Bobolizan (high priestesses). There will also be a display of the traditional huts called Pinapakan. The highlight of the celebration includes a showcase of traditional sports known as Hontira, traditional performances, handicraft exhibitions and a Rungus beauty pageant called Mitarab Gimpuhut.

Flower Festival

Enjoy the beautiful landscapes, Sabah’s rich floral heritage is celebrated with flower sales, competitions, and games. This is a great opportunity to visit the sprawling Sabah Agriculture Park in Tenom, home to a myriad of ferns, blooms, and all things green.

Other Monthly Highlights