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Teratak D’La8

A medium-sized establishment with a clean and comfortable atmosphere, this restaurant is among the first few Malay restaurants that offer the delectable Nasi Ayam Penyet menu, which has since gone viral.

For starters, you can try the famous Ayam Penyet. You can choose whether to have white rice, nasi kerabu (Malay rice dish which is blue in colour) or fried rice. The Ayam Penyet dish is accompanied with a platter of crunchy ulam (raw vegetables) and zesty sambal (chili paste).

If you love noodles, then you would have to try the Mi Bandung which is said to be one of the best in town. In addition to rice and noodle dishes, you can also order a la carte meals such as Ayam Kunyit (chicken in turmeric spice), Udang Masak Cendawan (mushroom prawn) and Tom Yam soup. There are also stalls in front of the restaurant selling Keropok Lekor (a type of fish cracker), burgers and grilled chicken wings.

Signature drinks include the Sirap Bandung Special and the Teh Tarik Special.

Ayam Penyet
Mi Bandung
Sirap Bandung Special

Location Map


Jalan Lintas, Kepayan Perdana Commercial Centre
  Kota Kinabalu  Sabah


Mobile +60 16-838 4578
Mobile +60 14-566 6618

Business Hour

11am to 12am daily

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