Hinompuka is a glutinous rice cake wrapped in banana leaf and steamed.

Hinompuka is a Kadazan gooey rice cake made from a mixture of brown rice flour, glutinous red rice flour, palm sugar, and grated coconut flesh. To create a variety of colour and flavor you can also add banana or sweet potato. Often served during the Kaamatan Harvest festival and special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

3 Places in Sabah to try Hinompuka

For those interested to recreate this dish for your next meal with friends and family, we’ve prepared a recipe you can follow:

1kg Beras Pulut (Glutinous Rice)
200g Black/Purple Rice Flour
500g Palm sugar or Gula Melaka
2 cups Coconut Milk
600ml Water
1 tsp Salt

Cut the banana leaf into 8 inch squares, steam the banana leaves for 1 minute to soften.

1. Mix the glutinous rice, palm sugar and water into a soft dough, make sure the consistency is not too diluted.
2. Scoop up three to four tablespoons of the mixture and flatten it onto the banana leaf.
3. Wrap it up and fold both ends (you can make as much as you want until the ingredients are used up).
4. Steam the Hinompuka on high heat for 30 – 40 minutes.
5. Serve and enjoy either hot or cold!